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DJJ Luckybox Rules

1. At least a deposit of RM 50 will entitle you to one spin on the luckybox.

2. Each user can only accumulate up to 5 chances for spinning the luckybox.

3. Every day at midnight(00:00:00), all luckydraw chances will be reset to 0.

4. If you win a special prize, please contact the admin immediately for redeem your reward.



Datetime Result

Deposit Successful

Your SurePay deposit was successfully processed.


Deposit Failed

Your SurePay deposit was Failed.



Please check available bank before deposit, if deposit into deactivated bank we will process only after bank back to online.

存款前请确认银行是否启用, 若存入未启用银行金额将不被处理直到银行恢复启用。

Attention to all valued member, Topup bonus will not available for ALLBET. Turnover will not counted.

敬爱的会员们请注意, 欧博视讯不再允许领取充值红利。流水量将不计入在内。


every deposit please note this notes

ATM Deposit

Kindly please write 【FOR DJJ2U ONLY】 on the blank of the receipt.

Then take a snapshot and upload it to the deposit form for verification.

Online Banking

Please fill up【Your name】 in the Recipient Reference.

Please do not enter any sensitive words such as: DJJ2U, CASINO, TOPUP, ETC. Then upload a screenshot of the receipt to the deposit form for verification.

*** if you do not complete the above requirements, the deposit will be rejected.


  1. To avoid fraud, match player's bank account names for top-up and withdrawal, and if not, use a third-party PAYESSENCE for recharge.
  2. Please verify bank account information on our website before proceeding with a transaction, as the transaction will not be accepted if the deposit is not transferred to the selected bank account which shown on our website.

Rule Tips

Each player's daily maximum winning limit across all games will be uniformly set to 150,000 Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).

Important Notice
  • This adjustment will not affect Baccarat games and 4D.
  • Winnings exceeding the limit will be forfeited. We advise players to exercise caution to avoid unnecessary losses.
  • To adapt to the new regulation, players are advised to adjust their gaming strategies accordingly.

For any inquiries or further assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

Rule Tips

Players must Complete the relevant promotional conditions before they can proceed with Deposit and Transfer.

For any inquiries or further assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

Rule Tips